What Mt. Kenya looks like

These are some sights of Mt. Kenya. We summited the mountain in 2015 and have carried the experience with us. It was a real life changer!

Mt. Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya, is over three million years old! Imagine all the wisdom and care she shared with us.

The vegetation is so diverse that  every mile climbed looked like a new space! AND, the weather would change in a heart beat from cold drizzles to sun kissed skies ;) Here we share pictures of the mountain, the food we ate and where we stayed.

Like any great experiences, we got by with A LOT of help from our team members, and friendly fellow sojourners of the mountain.

Obviously we encourage everybody to experience the mountain herself at least once in their lifetime! Just remember to keep warm.


IMG_1835IMG_1834IMG_1810IMG_1896IMG_1825IMG_1938IMG_1958IMG_1907IMG_1930IMG_1815 IMG_1818 IMG_1823 IMG_1833 IMG_1854 IMG_1867 IMG_1892 IMG_1875 IMG_1898 IMG_1914

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