Riri Story

×FYI: Riri is a word derived from Agikuyu – a tribe in Kenya, to denote ‘Allure’

Riri Jewellery prides itself on producing one of a kind, handmade accessories for women, and men, who love quality products. We also avail the option for bespoke jewellery if you wish to add your own personal touch.

We use semi-precious stones, brass, upcycled materials such as horn and bone, recycled wood, and glass.

Each piece is designed to celebrate the divinity that is You; we celebrate your unique beauty and celebrate the positive impact that you have to our world.

Beyond yourself, we believe that a great piece of handcrafted jewellery can spark conversations, opening up dialogue about who made the piece, where and how. The conversation then takes a life of its own and expands to issues such as the weather, love, death, baby bumps, politics, employment, infrastructure, trade and economy, and much more. We are using our jewellery to forge strong bonds among people and subsequently harmony and cooperation amongst them.

Furthermore, we work with artisans and designers to advance youth enterprise as a strategy for peacebuilding. We believe in constructively engaging and utilizing their skills and time for the development of their art and business. We link their work to global markets by promoting their skill and encouraging an entrepreneurial culture.