Founder of Riri Jewellery

Njuhi Chege

Njuhi Chege


I am Njuhi Chege, the Founder of Riri Jewellery, and I pay homage to Kenya – a melting pot of diverse Kenyan cultures and races from all parts of the world; ever vibrant, exciting and colourful!

My love for Jewellery began at a young age. I remember I would wrap myself in my mother’s jewellery for fun, and in order to discourage me from ruining hers, she bought me a set of cheap jewellery – sorry Mum. With the passing of time, I found myself falling in love with bright and bold pieces. The ‘Maasai market’ was, and still is, a great source of inspiration for me.

If I am not in the office finding ways to empower women, I can be found in different craft shops admiring jewellery, fascinated by the materials used, the different textures, colours and the amazing people behind the beautiful creations.

During my travels around Africa, Asia, and America, the jewellery I wear garners a lot of attention. There are just as many compliments as there are questions, and this is what motivated me to create Riri jewellery so that I can freely share the magic and diversity of my rich Kenyan culture.

The Riri team and I believe that each tastefully crafted piece, lends its magic to its wearer.

Image Credit: Katherine Liew