Inspiration behind Riri Jewellery’s premier Leaf Goddess Collection

The premier collection ‘Leaf Goddess’ by Riri Jewellery, is designed and created by Kenyan artisans sourced from Nairobi, with a cumulative experience in Jewellery making, spanning over three decades.


This eye-catching collection is the brainchild of Riri’s Head Designer who explains:

My love affair with all things of nature—especially trees, began at a very early age. At times, I would sit under an Acacia tree for hours, shielded from the blistering savannah sun, admiring the leaves swaying gently under the soft caress of a dusty, cool breeze.

The wonder of the trees became magical when one day, as I sat under the tree after a drawn out day in school, my gaze was caught by alluring ‘seeds’ sprawled out on the ground underneath the tree, shimmering under the sun. I looked up at the tree, knowingly. I collected as many ‘seeds’ as I possibly could, and made my way home to hide them. A couple of weeks later, I sat under the same tree and within minutes, tall, regal looking women wearing colourful khangas, sat beside me. They effortlessly unravelled the khangas on their backs, revealing the multi-coloured ‘seeds’. I quickly learnt that the ‘seeds’ were Masai beads.

In days to come, as they conversed amidst laughter, and crafted beautiful jewellery, I was certain that I had fallen in love with a craft that would later on fashion my destiny…


Featured image: The Riri Jewellery Leaf Goddess Royal neck piece. This was worn at the Addis Ababa Hub of Africa Fashion Show- April 2012, alongside clothes made by KikoRomeo.  For more details on this piece click here

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