Crafting Riri Pieces

Riri Pieces are broadly inspired and influenced by the Kenyan landscape.

Each piece is designed to best suit you and your lifestyle.

Our talented Head Designer sketches out different designs and discusses them with the team. The team bounce ideas off each other about the best materials to use that will complement your needs. Once this is settled, the Head Designer refines the patterns which are then used to construct the pieces.

Components of each piece are sourced from different artisans to achieve interesting textures and vibrant colours. The same goes for the crafting process; we utilize a wide range of handmade techniques from a vast network of artisans who may wire-wrap, hammer, bead, or cast. Each piece could take anywhere between ten minutes to a couple of days to be completed, depending on technique used and the tastes of our clients.

The finished product is then carefully buffed and polished to give it a clean and uber-chic look that has fast become known as the Riri look.