Kenyan Women Who Inspire Us!

With the Sondeka Festival fast approaching, the Riri Team cannot help but reminisce about the empowering women that we met in the creative festival last year. They continue to inspire us through their own work, and we celebrate them.

We had the opportunity to meet Ng’endo Mukii when she visited our stand at the Sondeka Festival. She describes herself on her website as:

Small in stature and withdrawn in nature, she led a reclusive life on the green highlands of Kenya, overlooking the savannah seas. Receiving her primary education under the instruction of Catholic nuns, she left her home to experience the Century’s Super Power. She later passed many moons, prancing in the Queen’s country, nibbling on crumpets and searching through the dense fog. Today she can be found armed with a pressure sensitive stylus, and a macro lens. She does film screenings, projects and thumb-twiddling artistic process. She spends her time between Nairobi and Tsavo, animating little children, photographing dung beetles, and running away from scorpions.

She touches on issues such as identity, specifically skin bleaching, and how we as Africans perceive ourselves. Here is her interesting take on the subject:

We appreciate you, Ng’endo!


We were also delighted to meet Maia von Lekow who was gracious enough to lend us her ear and her time. She brought her usual soulful and Afro sassy style at the event, wowing us with her vocals and down to earth personality.

Maia is a songwriter and musician based in Nairobi, Kenya. As stated on her website:

She has toured internationally, with her music featured on both TV & radio stations across Africa.  Maia brings a dynamic new color to Kenya’s contemporary musical landscape. Born and raised in Nairobi to a German/Italian mother and Kenyan father, Maia’s unique heritage is combined into a fresh sound weaving jazz, funk, folk & blues all sprinkled with Swahili spice.

Check out her official music video below:

We appreciate you Maia!

We also had the pleasure to talk to – and take selfies – with journalist, Margaretta wa Gacheru. Her great spirit and charm is infectious. She is passionate about the Kenyan Art scene as well as theatre.

Read more about Margaretta wa Gacheru here.

We appreciate you Margaretta!


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